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Learn to Read Chinese Fast!

Use this Innovative Memory Method and Put the Ease into Learning Chinese
You Will Learn and Remember Simplified Mandarin Chinese Characters

Getting Started with EZChinesey

There’s a reason why the western world might ask “Why are you speaking Chinese?” Mainly because it is one of the most complex languages to read or speak. You are probably (right now) doubting whether or not you’ll be able to ever comprehend the Chinese language. Great news for you, it called EZChinesey for a reason. Our main Author/Publisher Alan Hoenig felt exactly like you before he committed himself to find a way to fully understand the Chinese language.

EZChinesey was built out of determination for stretching the self defining limits and ideas that people place on themselves. Most people when there faced with an uncertain mental obstacle find enough excuses why the deck is stacked against them. YOU are not that person, YOU would not be here if you were. EZChinesey is design to help those who are truly committed to broadening their horizons and learning more about the world around them.

Alan Hoenig makes learning Chinese characters fun and easy, and has produced one of the best books I have come across for learning the language spoken by more than 1 Billion people around the world.
Dr.Choon Fong Shih- President, Nat'l. University of Singapore

Featured Author

Alan Hoenig PhD


Currently Professor Emeritus of Mathematics, John Jay College, City University of New York, he is a graduate of Harvard and Yale Universities. When he is not studying Chinese on his own behalf, he is perfecting the memory techniques in his book, techniques which make it possible to learn to read Chinese, well, fast! He lives in Huntington, NY surrounded by family, patrol cats, and a Boston terrier, and far from ready access to good Chinese food.